A fungus among us

Ed Mabrey was in Pittsburgh last night. I sent emails to most everyone I knew, begging them to tell people. I really wanted Ed to have a packed house. Nine of my students showed up. I offered extra credit. Before I know it, Ed is on stage talking about how he’s not erotic, and I mention that was a judge at the erotica slam, and he says from stage that he knows because I was sitting next to him on stage as I was also a judge, and then he offers to the audience that I was totally shitfaced and hilarious but that, you know, what happens in Austin stays in Austin.

I walked into class today and two of my students snickered. “So, Adri, what happened in Austin?” And of course I have to explain what an Erotic Slam is and what I was doing there (listed under Tuesday Late Night Events). My students are funny. Class went well today. I’m being observed on Friday and I had to turn in all of my materials today. Hopefully she doesn’t hate my class plan and hopefully I don’t flip out and kill anyone in class on Friday. We are doing a class discussion and we are focusing conversation around argument and clarity. ::pray for me::

Tomorrow Sten Carlson and Dan Remein read at the F&F. I’m excited to host.

A Generation of Couch Surfers

According to an article in newsweek, people like me

  1. Live off their parents (false)
  2. Expect to receive an inheritance (possibly, but not actively) – but wait – your inheritance is being spent by your parents in life! You will have nothing!
  3. Live with my parents (false)
  4. Depend on my parents for financial support (false)
  5. Would rather work for fulfillment than for money (true)

I never understand articles like this. Most people I know fit #5. But only a small portion. And what’s so terrible about living off your parents anyway? If your parents are willing to support you financially in order to help you achieve a satisfaction associated with finding your niche in this world, then I think your parents rock. Newsweek says they’ll kick you out of the house when you turn 30. When I have a child, if my kid wants to go volunteer in Papua New Guinea, and I can afford to help him or her do that, then I will. Don’t we all want our children to lead the lives we’ve dreamt of? Isn’t that the point?

Or am I just a Gen Y loser?

Moving On

McSweeney’s succeeds in making me actually LOL.