HotMetalBridge #2 is out: Headless. Check out my interview with Daphne Gottlieb.

What else is in there? Well, here’s what Carolyn Kellogg has to say:

It includes: new fiction by Tod Goldberg! and Jack Pendarvis! an interview with Kevin Moffett! new nonfiction by Roy Kesey! an essay by Brian Evenson! new poetry by Christopher Bakken and Richard Siken!

It also marks the first time Kate Burgo (nonfiction) has been published, includes a racy interview with Daphne Gottlieb, and work from litblogger Erin Fitzgerald!

With not one but 2 poems by Justin Runge and screwy fiction by Jason Lundberg! Funny nonfiction from Kevin O’Cuinn and and funny/creepy nonfiction from Patsy Zettler — she’s got the issue’s best title, “Me and Pickle Baby.”

Finally, if you missed George Saunders’ appearance at Pitt, you can catch it virtually: we’ve got the video!

These are exciting times, folks. Exciting times.