I just want things to come up Milhouse

I have spent the last three hours (and by “three,” I mean five), “productinating.” This is a special word I have coined, meaning “avoiding immediate work for minor, lesser work that could be postponed, and in fact should be postponed immediately.” Like cleaning my closet instead of writing a paper that’s due. Like balancing my checkbook instead of working out.

Like moving the website to a new server and revamping the whole damn blog just to avoid preparing for my observation tomorrow.
That’s right. I get observed tomorrow, and I’m nervous as hell. I spent a good eight hours of nervous time last week mulling over which student papers I should prepare for my mentor-reviewed “discussion of student writing.” Should we workshop Student Awesome’s paper, or should Student Awesome be the discussion leader while we use Student Not As Awesome’s paper?

I am going to the slam tonight. I told my students that if they went and did a one-page write-up they would earn some extra-credit. I hope they all show up. For the slam’s sake. And for theirs.

Change the subject!

NASCAR apparently makes shoes. Picture of 17-year-old in 1958 haunts me. I’m a little late on this, but Napoleon had some crazy wallpaper! We’re all crazy about Al Gore. Apple raises Leopard Academic price. I am incapable of figuring out the tone of this article’s headline; is the BBC somehow mocking me?