A Little Mexican In You

The New York Times talks Tex-Mex.

I’ve been to El Jardin in Houston. Absolutely fantastic Tex-Mex. Of course, there are other restaurants. I like Chapultepec in Houston, Taqueria El Zarape in McAllen. My father is partial to Don Juan’s in McAllen. Although, I must say there is a clear winner in my affection: El Chile in Austin, my favorite restaurant in the world. (Thanks go out to my friend Carly, for she showed me the way of El Chile.) In fact, I’m orchestrating an incredibly elaborate plan to come down to Texas a week earlier than I should in December to eat at El Chile with my father. It’s that good.

I miss Texas. The New York Times forgets that Bowling for Soup said it first: “Mexican food sucks north of [Texas] anyway.”

One should never doubt the wisdom of the pseudo-punk pop song. Never.