How the Media Relates to Me

The BBC wastes a lot of money sending some asshat to Colombia to say… nothing. He offers no new insight. Nothing. Wait! The station guard did not come to work on the day Gabriel Garcia Marquez came back to his hometown? Don’t worry, London will come a-calling.

Both Lovett College at Rice University and Posvar Hall at Pitt are listed as examples of Brutalist Architecture. I have lived and learned and gotten really trashed inside two buildings with “striking repetitive angular geometries.” I once took a personality quiz that told me I was attracted to Brutal Gentle Love Masters or something. And by “Masters,” the quiz obviously meant “Architecture.”

Real life owls find comfort in plush mother. Marching owls apologize for calling former father figure a douche bag. There are parallels, people.

I like reading Proust and making out with neuroscientists. Well, turns out Proust was a neuroscientist. My life-long fantasy of making out with Marcel Proust just got a little hotter.