Welcome to Scotland

Scotland unveiled a new slogan today: “Welcome to Scotland.”

My students workshopped the hell out of six essays in class today. On the essays we workshop, I change the student name to protect the innocent, although sometimes it is fairly obvious who the author is. I have found that changing the name frees up the other students to be a bit more critical. It’s easier to say “Annie Nonymous has an inconsistent tone on the third page” than it is to address a specific student in class. Today’s six names? Student Excellent, Student Amazing, Student Awesome, Student Incredible, Student Fabulous, and Student Fantastic. Last week’s name: Star Rocker.

My students write letters to the author of the essay they workshop. They write “Dear Star Rocker” or “Dear Miss Rocker.” This fills me with joy. An inexplicable, wondrous joy. “Dear A. Nonymous, You lack organization and focus.” Sheer joy I tell you.

Pittsburgh is cold. I keep waiting for the temperature to drop even further so it seems warmer inside. My house is always between 60 and 69 degrees F. But when it’s 40 outside the difference is not as noticeable as when it’s 5 degrees outside.

When people ask me how cold it is, I answer in Celsius. I continue to amuse myself.

I am reading. I am reading. I am reading. Hooray, graduate school! I is learned.