Only in Pennsylvania

detentionA student in Pennsylvania is assigned detention for using “firefox.exe,” a “better” browser.

I am, of course, fully in support of the school’s decision to assign this student detention. Obviously we cannot have students working on “better” browsers. What is “better” than the standard browser installed in an operating system? Obviously the operating system knows best and third party software can do nothing but cause civil unrest and pain to everyone involved. In fact, open-source browsing, in particular, is totally evil. Who knows what kind of people are out there developing? Certainly not any people with good, solid, monolithic values. And if you don’t support the monolith, then you are no friend of mine.

So, young Pennsylvania high-school devil, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. That “firefox.exe” may be a “better browser,” but its “free and open” mentality did nothing but land you in detention. Take that!

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