Where do you go (my lovely)

  • I am building websites. Some are pretty, some are cute. Some just are. I’m not particularly brilliant at my side-gig, I’m not some giant design firm or anything like that, but I have to say, I do the basics all right. People like the clean, simple designs and I like the clean, simple designs. But life is busy and people are demanding.
  • Grades were turned in. I ended up being nicer than I thought I would be. Two of my students got As, four got a A-, four B+, six Bs, one B-, two C+. That seems fair, reasonable, and not as harsh I originally envisioned myself being. I even felt bad about the C+ students.
  • I, on the other hand, got an A and an A- this semester and I’m furious! How did I get an A-? What did I do? (Other than half-ass all my assignments and miss four days of class… oh… but in my defense, I didn’t do that on purpose!) A 3.875 GPA for the semester seems unacceptable somehow. Why am I the worst graduate student ever? An A-freaking-minus! Bah. Doris
  • Carolyn, among others, got all upset about Doris Lessing’s Nobel acceptance prize (although they got upset in a far more articulate manner). But I mean… look at her. Does she look like someone who understands the internet?? Does she look like someone that knows the difference between blogs and blugs? What is a blug? If she wants to judge the internet at face value, then I get to judge her at face value. And she has Heidi braids. So there! The internet strikes back. In the face.

All right. Now that my petty observations about the unimportant are over, let’s move on to the big fish…
Obviously, the world is a little aflutter about Baby Spears having a baby. Big deal. Lots of girls in my high school had babies when when they were babies. Lots of girls have had babies as babies and they’ve all turned out fine. No, the big news here is Lynn Spears. Her “parenting book” has been “postponed indefinitely.” To this, I offer a resounding “NOOOOOOO.”aleqm5golbcjvek95kmwpbtxdvsya-3lua.jpg

Why cancel it? Now is the time to read it and do the opposite. Sell your children’s souls to Disney? check. Prostitute them on MTV? check. Blame society when everything goes wrong? check. Claim that the reason you are surprised your daughter is pregnant is because she always made curfew? check. Because, seriously, no one has sex before curfew. No one.

(“I didn’t believe it because Jamie Lynn’s always been so conscientious. She’s never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby.”)

Well, this blugger broke curfew all the time when she was sixteen. And she gets an A-. It’s the minus that gets to you. Psychological warfare, those minuses.

I actually did the reading too. That’s the worse part. I did the reading. A-! A-! Okay. I’m better. This too shall pass. At least I’m not pregnant and sixteen. Things could be worse.