Call for Entries


Hot Metal Bridge is currently accepting submissions. We encourage your brilliant mistakes and traditional dazzle. We want your ardent efforts, your literate dirt, your genius genre, your preposterous, polished verse. Send us the writing that you like to read and just happened to write — your risks, your revelations, your writing at its finest. Go on. Make us scream with delight.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 25, 2008

We welcome poetry submissions up to but not exceeding five pages (whether that’s five one-page poems or one five page poem, or any other permutation, is up to you) and separate poems, when possible, by page. You should submit your work either as a pdf or as a Microsoft Word attachment (no email-body submissions please) and make sure your name appears in both the document name and on each page of your submission. Email subject should read “Spring Poetry Submission.” In the body of your email please include a title-list; submissions should be sent to:

Hot Metal Bridge wants 500 to 5,000 words of your best unpublished creative nonfiction. Send anything from traditional memoir and literary journalism to lyric essays and the unexpected. If it’s new and it’s true, we look forward to reading it. Send your work as a Word or RTF attachment to

HMB–as the kids are calling it these days–is very interested in your literary fiction tales not exceeding 7,000 words. Why 7,000? Because it seems fashionable. What counts as literary? That’s up to you, just don’t send us a story about spaceship-flying dinosaurs. Unless it’s literary. Then by all means. Send your work in the body of an e-mail or as a Word attachment to We hope to read your dinosaur-themed adventures soon.

We welcome submissions between 500 and 5,000 words of unpublished criticism. What do we mean by “criticism”? Clever analysis of a thing, idea, or event and presentation of an un-obvious argument about such a subject. Maybe you have a brilliant research paper about horror musical films just lying around. Maybe you have always wanted to articulate your ideas about soda advertising. Maybe you know exactly how to interpret War and Peace. We’re looking for ingenuity in argument and ideas, an awareness of style, inventiveness with language, and readability to a broad, liberal arts audience. Any subject is game: literature, film, visual arts, fashion, new media, philosophy, music, current events, etc. Please use MLA style if possible. Avoid jargon when possible. Break down boundaries between “creative” and “critical” writing always. Send work in a Word document to

Hot Metal Bridge retains first-time, one-time rights to the stories it publishes.

You will hear about the status of your submission in late March, 2008.

Simultaneous submissions
We don’t care if you send us work that you’re submitting elsewhere. And if someone else decides to publish your piece, that’s great! We’re psyched for you. But please let us know promptly, since we’re looking for previously unpublished work. Just e-mail your genre editor the news.

If you have a question not answered here, please e-mail