Fishing Party

A great bachelor party story at Although, I was a bit hesitant to post it. Pete and I were chatting the other day, he mentioned that I seem to bring up weddings and babies a lot lately and that it’s freaking him out. Quite frankly, as soon as he said that, I started freaking out. I do talk about weddings and babies a lot lately. But then again, so does everyone I know.

One of my best friends asked me on New Year’s if I was going to make her wear a stupid dress at my wedding. I wasn’t prepared to answer the question. I’m not getting married anytime soon. “I promise you won’t wear a stupid dress” was all I could muster. People I know have toddlers and infants. My mother is constantly asking me about grandchildren. Everyone asks if I’m going to marry my boyfriend. It’s getting annoying. And yet, I find myself asking other people the same thing. And I love rambling for hours and hours about possible baby names. And I really like babies. But I’m not sure I want to give up my hedonistic lifestyle for one quite yet. [Note to future employers: A mere exaggeration.]

Every celebrity on the planet is pregnant or getting married or getting divorced or being committed by their loved ones. If these are the rich and celebrated elite, it doesn’ t look so good for me. I’m just a slobby graduate student who believes in the redemptive power of Happy Hour. [Note to all future employers: That statement is in jest.]

So, I’m asking: is it because I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m far more conscious of these things, or is it that the world suddenly believes that procreation and nuptials are the solution to whatever is wrong with me that medication can’t fix? Or somewhere in between?

I both want to embrace this and reject it. Yet, I here I am, replicating the same rite I contest.
Although, that was a great bachelor party story at Ftrain. You should read it. [Not you, future employer.]