Street Futbol

via Jaime.

This is fantastic. I always wonder why major league sports never hire street art athletes. Why aren’t the Harlem Globetrotters on the US basketball team? Or playing for the NBA?

I vote that some country snatch these guys up and put them on the field. Can you imagine being in a soccer game and having one of these guy twirl in the air only to dribble away with the ball and score? Goalies from the other team would have no idea how to read their bodies. “Oh, he’s flipping the air, a triple luxe!, I think that means he’ll be shooting to the left.” Wow. Plus, think about how these guys could elevate the game. Or what skills regular professional soccer players will have to develop in order to adjust to this level of play. This is so exciting. The possibilities are endless!

I didn’t mean for this to become a soccer blog. It will not be a soccer blog. I swear. I’m just really excited by soccer these days.