Meeting in St. Louie

This thing is heavy, originally uploaded by zadriana.

The first time I was in St. Louis, terrible things happened. The National Poetry Slam was unorganized, the bars were horrid, the people racist, and the guy I was dating at the time quickly disappeared from my life (although that was my own doing).

But I’m back, and I was prepared for it to be terrible.

I’m here for the annual College English Association conference. The conference has been poorly attended, but I have to say, I’m having a good time. Cara (a friend from grad school) and I have been rocking out. We’ve visited the Arch (we’re staying across the street), the Arch museum (which includes more taxidermied animals in its recounting of American History than it does women), we’ve been out dancing, we met some hilariously mustachioed men in the air force, we’ve laughed our heads off. We even attended a dramatic enactment of T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland which was well-acted and well-received.

I’ve even gotten work done in my hotel room.

Tomorrow we go back to Pittsburgh. Just thought I’d let you know… St. Louis isn’t as bad as I’d previously thought. St. Louis may even be… pretty okay. Fun, even. Yes, I’d venture to say that St. Louis is a down-right good time.

See. I am totally capable of changing my mind every now and then.

So here’s to you, St. Louis. I even drank a Bud Light last night in your honor.

Although, that will probably never happen again.

Sorry. I just don’t enjoy beer like water.