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Charlton Heston died today. My mother really liked him the The Ten Commandments. So, apparently, did the LA Times.

la times

I’m always amazed by how the dead are represented. Which picture gets picked? Especially with someone like Chuck Heston. His oeuvre is spectacular in its range and imagery, so which image becomes the definitive one: Moses? Planet of the Apes guy? Ben Hur? Sir Thomas More? Robert Thorne in Soilent Green? The “Good Actor” in Wayne’s World 2? The list goes on; the man made over one hundred and twenty (120) films.

Obviously, thought the LA Times, we must run the Crazy-Moses picture. Obviously. Nothing else says Charlton Heston quite like disheveled and judgy prophet of God.

What about the New York Times, you say?

ny times

They went with “classy portrait of respected actor,” no iconic character, but instead a non-disheveled, non-judgy smiling man that is a little more “godly” than “prophet of god”- like.

The Washington Post decided to go a little more West Coast:


Holy Moses! The man looks terrifying. Wow, Washington Post, I didn’t think Charlton could get any more judgmental, self-righteous, and holier than the LA Times pic, but you really took the cake. The man looks like a nut job.The Washington Post wanted the world to remember Chuck at his most eyebrow-ed.

Variety and Hollywood Reporter look tame in comparison:



As you can see, they leaned in the “George Hamilton” direction: tann-ed older man looking suspicious.

Seriously though, this guy looks way suspicious:

george hamilton