Colombia in the News

Everyone’s excited about Colombia these days. I am too.


Colombian film (‘Paraiso Travel’) plays at Tribeca. John Leguizamo is in it; hopefully he’ll do a better job than his last Colombian adventure.

Author of Lonely Planet Colombia admits he never went there. His girlfriend, an “intern at the Colombian consulate,” filled him in. Reminds me of a story my mother tells. Some girl from her high school told people she went to all these exotic locations, when all she did was read guidebooks and watch documentaries. She got busted one summer she said she was in Jamaica, when some friends from school were selling raffle tickets and she answered the door. In pajamas. While she was watching a film on Jamaica. All this happened in Colombia. Bet there’s some Jamaican claiming he’s been to Seattle, just to make the circle complete.

Colombian deliveryman in Chelsea writes book about experiences. No one in US cares.

Arianna Huffington (the devil herself) weighs in on the Colombian-Clinton connection. Escandalo!

I met with my adviser today about my manuscript, which is on Colombia. She liked it. I’m feeling pretty good about myself.