Like a Natural Woman

Recently, Gawker linked to the ad below:

Now, we can all agree that the ad is charming and funny, seeing how it plays off of people’s expectations, etc. Of course, the ad implies that somehow, the dude in bed forgot that he had slept with a woman the night before. Unless they were drinking or on some kind memory-inhibiting drug (which is possible, I don’t know?), or they fell asleep before consummating their passion, or something. This part confuses me. As does the weird “homophobia as a weapon for women” tactic. Please forgive me for reading too much into this, I am in an English department.The real question, though, concerns the object that is being advertised. Is this a practical object, really? Women’s restrooms do not contain urinals, not all purses can accommodate such an object (which questions the portability of such), and the cleanliness/bacterial potential is unexplained. And, really, would anyone use this?Is being able to urinate standing up that awesome? Did I miss the memo on this?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the risqué. I just don’t quite see the pragmatism that this pee-funnel facilitates. What problem is being solved??