The Best Kind of Productination

I believe in productination. It’s when you procrastinate while being productive. Cleaning, for example, when you should be doing other things (like reading or writing or assembling my new desk or doing website work for a client).

Today I cleaned the bathroom and the fridge. I just moved into an apartment in Houston that I share with two roommates, who have been living here for a while. The bathroom, let me tell you, was disgusting. Apparently they were holding out to see who could go the longest before breaking down and cleaning. They went pretty far. Finally, one cleaned the tub because he knew I’d otherwise flip out and kill people when I arrived.

But the toilet and the sink and the floor? Filthy. So I cleaned today. Went to the store and bought a mop. Got on my knees and scrubbed. I scoured. Multiple brushes and sponges were used. Even an old toothbrush. I broke out the Comet after the Scrubbing Bubbles failed (and they never fail). I conquered the bathroom, made it clear that the new kid in town meant business.

(I will spare you the “before” picture)

I also decided to clean the fridge. This is because the groceries I bought for myself this morning did not fit. After I threw out the expired foods and reorganized things a little, I had room for my stuff and theirs with room to spare.


I’m making chiles rellenos for dinner tonight. Poblanos were seventy-nine cents a pound, the ground sirloin and calabasitas were on sale too. My food looks great in the fridge.

So, yes, dear Houston, I am arrived. My clothes are hung in the closet. I am going to assemble myself a desk. My food is in the fridge. And chiles are on the menu for dinner.

Soon productination will become productivity. Right now, it’s temporarily shifted into procrastination. I am, after all, sitting here, updating the blog.