Blood Works

Got my orders on Friday. Gave some blood, took a urine sample, let them put monitors on my heart and x-ray my chest for a while that afternoon. Filled out paperwork. Told them I was Catholic in case a priest needed to be called.

Spent yesterday driving around with parents and hanging out with old friends. Daymon’s in town. We played speed and rat screw–card games I hadn’t played since childhood. Watched the first hour of Ben Hur and read Stranger in a Strange Land. I grok it.

Because you’ve been asking: surgery is on Monday at 8:30 AM. I will be in the hospital for a few days. Women’s Renaissance Hospital in McAllen, TX. My cell phone should be working. If you want to mail anything, mail it to 6405 N. 1st Ln. McAllen, TX 78504. I should get it.

I’m in love with Devendra Banhart. He’s a Texan who grew up in Venezuela. I’m a Mexican/Colombian who grew up in Texas. We probably have nothing in common. Too bad. His latest video makes me happy though.