That Girly Smell

I am a girl. Lately, I’ve noticed that my body smells funkier than before. I don’t think it’s a clinical thing, it’s just my body is starting to smell differently. I’m afraid that my body chemistry is changing as I age, but I’m not too sure that’s possible. Do girls just change smells as they get older?


I got three different body image/issues questions in the old inbox today, so I’m not sure what’s going on in the world. Is the upcoming Fourth of July holiday making everyone conscious about what they look like? What about our country’s birthday brings out the neurosis in people?

Either way, anonymous girl, I think that you may want to see your doctor. I’ve asked a couple of lady friends (of various ages) and they all pretty much say that smells change based on what they eat and what they do, but not necessarily related to age, unless you have that old person smell, which I assume you don’t since you said “girl” and not “older woman.” Although, my friend Carolyn offers that if you’re seventy or something, you’re body might be decaying, as we are all “fragile machines.” In which case, you have old person smell, which, while sucky, isn’t the end of the world. When you’re old, you smell old.

I smell less now as an adult than when I was a kid, but it’s because I live in Pittsburgh which is not as hot as hotter than hot McAllen.

Now, if these are lady smells, and not just regular old body smells, then it might be a yeast infection (!) or something similarly common and icky. In which case, you can probably deal with it simply and with the aid of your local pharmacy.

But smells in general? All depends on what you do. Working out too much, or not enough. Being outside or inside all day. Drinking (alcohol). Eating too much asparagus. All these things affect the way you smell. Maybe you could go on a cleanse. Get all those toxins out. See if the smell is related to something else.

If not, then just buy some really strong perfume. Or shower a lot. Or bathe in the blood of virgins (just kidding!). I mean, I could be wrong. But if no one’s told you that you smell, it might just be in your head.