A Note

Thanksgiving, for me, is about the little thank yous, the ones that make you smile and make you realize that no matter how crap things can get sometimes, people still love each other enough to break bread and say thanks. This can never be a bad thing. Even if we’ve somehow made shopping a part of this endeavor, I think Thanksgiving is an inherently good thing.

Case and point: The text of a note I found at the Crazy Mocha in Bloomfield.

Dear Joseph
how are you? It occured to me today that thousands of cartoon artists are drawing every day, many of which are, I expect, coming up with new super heroes. One who can lift trucks but only certain models (ford) at certain times of the day (3pm-4:15pm), one who can point the furthest distance, one who can travel back in time but never forward again, etc. etc, hundreds weekly. One that can make Autumn come 2 weeks earlier… Surely out of all of these hundreds of thousands, one looks just like you. You’re a super hero!
Love, Lenka + Michael

Finding this note (ps, the whole note is [sic]) today made me very happy. Well done, Lenka and Michael. I really hope Joseph felt a little like a super hero when he got your note.


Happy, Thanksgiving, everybody.