'Fro Hawk

‘Fro Hawk

I’ve been watching the most recent season of Project Runway [editor’s note: Seth Aaron IS my boy], and in a recent episode, I could not help but notice one of the silly sponsor commercials they play. This Garnier spot codes racial identity in a way I find interesting (instead of saying “she’s black,” they say “she has such unique hair texture!” as if hair wasn’t racially coded). I’m not sure if it’s a really good thing or a really obvious thing, but that’s another conversation all together. [click here to see ad]

Point is, the girl in the commercial had really cool hair. And my roommate is writing a book about racial identity and hair, and she’s always complaining about what few styling options she has tried. So I decided that Libby and the ‘Fro Hawk should meet.

She went out and got the required items (all Garnier) and I did my best hairdresser impersonation. Here are the results of our little hair adventure.