Missing Hohenlohe

Missing Hohenlohe

So I came up with a new internet caper idea.

Here’s what I’m going to do when I finish one final “I swear I’m only proofreading” edit of my book.

#1: I’m going to self-publish a thousand copies of my book and list them on Amazon, hopefully with funds from my potential sponsor.

#2 I will write Jon Stewart a letter, asking him to be my potential sponsor and partner in a social experiment in which I am a guest on his show, talking about my book (which is vaguely foreign and ethnic enough to be representative of the kind of material he usually has on his show).

#3 I will accomplish the following: a) I will test how much effect someone like Jon Stewart really has on the book-selling market, b) achieve awesome notoriety (and a book deal) for my brilliant caper and c) become best friends with John Stewart, my life-long dream. Plus, it’s not like my book isn’t a totally legitimate book, and all Jon has to do is throw a couple dollars my way and have me on the show one night. And it’d be sweet. So sweet.

Thoughts? Am I crazy? Could something like that work? Should I send him an email? Is everything I do secretly a social experiment?

For now, I’ll just say I came up with a brilliant plan, even if I never execute.