In case you wanted further evidence of my continued Civilization IV rivalry with Jamie Bono:

Adri: Hi. You around/alive?
Jamie: Yeah. Just busy. What are you up to?
Adri: Nothing. Writing. Just didn’t hear back from you about lunch and wanted to celebrate your birthday.
Jamie: I’m writing and coding. Things have been busy at work. Maybe we should CIV it up later today. Hmmm.
A: Ooooh. I am free after 4.
J: Shoot me a message and we can make a firm plan.
A: Awesome.

….. An Hour or Two Later …..

J: Preparing strategies.
A: I am reading about murder. Same no?
J: Appropriate. But not going to help you build theaters. [Jamie here alludes to my insistence on trying to win a “cultural victory” and/or my love of building theaters in all my cities.]
A: Tell that to Shakespeare. The Globe is all murder.
J: Hmmm. Tell it your citizens as they attend recreations of their great defeats.
A: Nice! Theater of the Meta Crushed, a genre all to myself.
J: It’s all comedy though. Send ups of historical failures. “Very ironic portrayals of a certainly odd kind of martyrs.” —NYT
A: No one will ever forget the opening night of “Pyrrhic! Schmirric!”
J: FTW. Tagline: victory is not an option, only graceful defeat. It’s on your coat of arms.

[ed. I now wish I’d interjected: “Even when we win, we lose.” as an alternative.]