Designing Adri

Designing Adri

I wanted to share a recent design project with you. When I joined the team, this is what the client’s website looked like:


On a surface level, it’s workable. Basic information like address, phone number, and what the client does are present. There’s a clear navigation up top. But it looked dated. The colors were jarring and the layout resembled a Word document more than a website.

The client felt outdated and rapidly outpaced  by competition hosting bright, dynamic websites—and given the client’s field, it makes sense that a company that deals with technology would want to have a streamlined contemporary site. The client’s company is also on a budget. So they hired me. Here’s the redesign of the home page (the rest of the site is still under construction, but the homepage is finished and works to illustrate some of the  major differences at hand).


Now, I did not do the logo work (for the client or their own clients)—but the layout is much more dynamic (without being cloying). The client images rotate every two seconds and the slider up top rotates between seven great photographs of the client’s locale and equipment. Social media is present, without dominating.

It’s not perfect, of course. But for a client on a budget, this certainly reflects a more contemporary image than the previous site. Let me know what you think.