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My name is Adri. I answer questions and blog for fun, when I’m not pretending to be busy. Here are some FAQ’s for you.

What is this blog? Part question-and-answer, part cultural criticism, part rambling absurdity. A bunch of thougts, observations, and answers to public quandries. Love, monkeys, and the internet all thrown into a blender and presented for your listening and viewing pleasure.

What qualifies you to answer these questions? Nothing really. Just experience, excellent research skills, and good friends that answer things I can’t. That and your trust in me. (All advice is given with the understanding that I am not responsible for whatever you do. You take this advice at your own risk.)

How do I ask a question? Click on the link above.

Do You Log IPs? Nope. I don’t really care who you are. I care way more about what you have to say.

Who are you really? I am Adriana E. Ramirez, you may as well know. I am a nonfiction writer and a smart ass. (

Do you edit entries? No. Your bad grammar and spelling stay. As do my grammar and spelling. Suck it up or look it up.

How long from question-asked to question-answered? Sometimes same day, sometimes two months, sometimes three years. I am a full-time writer and teacher of writing, plus I also have freelance work. This is my hobby. No one pays me to do this. I’ll get around to it.

I love your site. How can I help? Spread the word. ASK QUESTIONS! That’s all.

Is there anything you won’t answer? Yeah. I won’t answer stupid questions. I decide what’s stupid.

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